viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

I seriously want to know what on earth is wrong with someone when they say "Niall is ugly" or "Niall isn't beautiful", I mean honestly..we're you drop kicked as a child? Niall James Horan is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, kind, adorable, beautiful, hilarious, and flawless. He deserves to get just as much attention as the other boys. He doesn't need to change ANYTHING about him. He's p.e.r.f.e.c.t just the way he is. Why doesn't he see it? I just wish I could explain to him how truly amazing and perfect he really is. 

I love you Niall. ♥

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  2. A mi me gustan todos, todos todos son increíbles. Pero creo que todos tenemos nuestro favorito, el mío es Niall.
    Y por mucho que digan, EL es genial, y se merece su fama tanto como los demás. No es menos importante, ni mucho nada de eso. :')

  3. claro que no es menos importante, ami es uno de los que mas me gusta, y si todos son increíbles.